Terms and Conditions

Kalrashukla Classes Services Limited [KESL] or its successors including its subsidiaries, holdings, Branches, Information Centres, and franchisees.
ii. The student – Student enrolled with the KESL.
iii. Parent- All biological parents and also, any person who is not a biological parent but has parental responsibility for the student irrespective of the relationship with the student.
iv. Guardian- Person who has been appointed by the Court of Law to take care of a minor student personally and / or manage the student’s day-to-day affairs or a local guardian as appointed or authorized by the Parent.
v. Agent- Any person duly authorized as an agent in writing by the Parent or guardian.
vi. Branch – Branches owned and controlled by Kalrashukla Classes Services Limited [KESL] or its successors.
vii. Centre – Centres owned and controlled by franchisees of Kalrashukla Classes Services Limited.
viii. Appropriate Branch / Centre – Appropriate Branch / Centre concerning each student shall mean the Branch / Centre opted by or allotted to the student.

Payment of Fees:
The fees can be paid either in lump sum or in instalments at the time of admission. Provided however that in case of payment through E.M.I, the 1st instalment should be paid before the commencement of the class and the remaining instalments, if any are to be paid by eNach (Electronic National Automated Clearing House) through the recognised partner of AESL or by A/C payee Post Dated Local Cheques at the time of admission itself or any other payment method as may be accepted by the AESL. a. An additional applicable concession based on AESL management approvals over Tuition Fee Component of long term courses (One/Two/Three/Four Integrated Classroom Courses ) shall be granted for payment of a lump sum fee. However, no lump sum concession benefits are available on the registration fee, admission kit and digital access fee, technology fee or examination fee.
b. All payment of fees for RCC Courses including miscellaneous charges should be paid through any of the below listed payment modes only:
• Mobile Wallets: For more information on payment through mobile wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, PayU, etc. Kindly contact the Branch / Centre opted by or allotted to your ward
• Online payment through Payment Gateway
• Net banking (RTGS / NEFT) if VAN (Virtual Account Number) is available or, Auto debit through ECS
Note: In case, eNach or Post Dated Cheques are bounced/dishonoured on the day of presentation, the respective concessions will revoked.
• Debit / Credit Card
• Cheque
• Demand Draft (Hereinafter “DD”)
• For online payment, please visit my Kalrashukla Classes website (https://kalrashukla.com, check “Fee and Payment” option)